💜🌸thank you to my darling mum for bringing me these flowers over to cheer me up as I’m struggling at the moment. She’s so caring and thoughtful especially because I know she is struggling herself. I’m blessed to have such a wonderful family who really look after each other through our darkest times. Little acts of kindness go along way. 💜🌸
❤️🐾happy national dog day to my wonderful little fur baby who brings so much happiness to me everyday, even when he’s naughty :) ❤️🐾
❤️💄ready for work. I’m feeling a little blue today but red lipstick always helps. 💄❤️
❤️ best dweeb in the world. He always puts a smile on my face ❤️
My heart broke for you tyke, the video of your last day is one of the saddest I have ever seen. The fear and pain in her eyes says it all. Rest in paradise, you’re free. I’m sorry humans did this to you and still carry on doing this to other animals. Circuses are living hell for animals, they endure a lifetime of pain and suffering for the sake of people’s entertainment. Please never visit a circus with wild animals. I pray for the day that humans wake up and realise animals were not put here for our needs.
❤️had a lovely day with my wonderful friend Jerusha and her two beautiful girlies :) going to have a cozy night in with my Boris now ❤️
💜🌙laying on my sofa last night and saw this view out my window, I got way too happy about it. But I love the moon ! 💜🌙
💜🌙been cleaning and tidying all afternoon/evening, relaxing now enjoying a vodka and lemonade and watching midsomer murders :) 💜🌙
Spent the day with my mum and this evening were watching a movie called lonely hearts with my dad, and my Boris of course :)  Saturdays are always hard for me and my mum because we used to always spend it with grandma, so were trying to do nice things together. ❤️
This beautiful soul has been gone 37 years today, his music will forever live on. What a hunk ❤️
🙏❤️ rest in paradise jay Adams 🙏❤️
❤️🌾on this date in 1942 Bambi was released. As you all know deer are my favourite animals and I still can’t watch Bambi without crying my eyes out, but it is the sweetest film :) ❤️🌾
My life is not the same without my grandma and nor will it ever be. She was a huge light in my life and I will forever miss her. 🙏
❤️🌙 ‘Pale shadow of a woman, black widow’ ❤️🌙
❤️he loves his home comforts🐾❤️