❤️🍂🌰autumn is my favourite season :) 🌰🍂❤️
💕 thank you to my family and friends (not all of them in the pictures) that came to support me. But a huge thank you to my mum and Jerusha (and baby Shiloh) for all their help, you were wonderful. 💕 if you’d like to visit my online shop it’s called the old deer (I know I’ve probably said that about a million times lol) 💜
💕🎀photos of my stall at vale vintage fair on Sunday :) was a lovely day ! 💕🎀
❤️eeee! going to be a lovely day. I’m so happy I have my own stall :) ❤️
Lots to do today to prepare for the vintage fair tomorrow :) 💕🎀
I met with my therapist yesterday. I have been in therapy since I was 14, Ive had many different kinds but the two that helped me the most was when I finally found the right therapist for one on one sessions who then went on to become my therapist in my small group sessions,which I’ve been having up until now. I’m extremely happy to say that I will no longer be needing therapy :) I finally feel ready to move on with my life and start a whole new chapter.(I only have the good bye session with my group, then two more catch up sessions with my therapist between now and Christmas).Yesterday my therapist told me that from when she first met me 3 years ago she can see a huge change in me and I’m like a whole new person, mentally, emotionally and physically. To hear her say that meant the world to me, as I myself feel so much better so hearing it from her was so lovely. We both had tears in our eyes because of my progress and how far I’ve come, she told me that I will have a whole new outlook and concept on life and she finds me knowledgeable in psychology and reading people’s emotions and being able to help them,   because I have been to rock bottom and I have found my way out and have learnt so much along the way. I’ve had relapses and set backs but I’m finally grounded and much more happy and stable. To write this brings tears to my eyes and to say now that my day to day struggle is grief, it is not mental illness. Of course I do still have my ups and downs and I do get sad still, but I can cope with it much better, iam so much stronger and wiser. At some point I will be having a different type of therapy for a specific matter but I know that will only be temporary and I can and will get through it and move on. Iam overjoyed that I’m finally well on the road to recovery, and this year I will even be off my meds. When I walked out of the room from seeing my therapist I had the biggest smile on my face, I could have skipped all the way out of the building! felt like I was walking into my new life,I had closed the door from the past and walked into a new beginning, and it was the best feeling ever. Thank you to my family for their unconditional love and support.❤️
danimeowmarie: Im off work this week so today im pricing up my clothes ready for the vintage fair on sunday and watching one of my fave films pretty in pink, andie (molly ringwald) was my fashion icon when I was a teenager and still influences my fashion today <3 I made this collage of her, :) enjoy !if you’d like to visit my vintage online shop visit: www.facebook.com/TheOldDeer
danimeowmarie: ❤️enjoying a glass of wine..or two and my first time watching walk the line ! Huge bonus that my dream man Joaquin Phoenix is in it :)
danimeowmarie: ❤️received this lovely card today from my neighbour June. I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful neighbour who I’ve become very close to. She sees me like a grand daughter and vice versa. I’m looking forward to meeting her new rescue cat :) ❤️
danimeowmarie: ❤️me and mum had a lovely afternoon I’m wendover today looking around the lovely little shops and charity shops, popped in to a friends house on the way home which was really nice. And tonight me and Boris are having a sleepover at mums house, looking forward to a glass of prosecco :) ❤️
danimeowmarie: Bereavement has effected me in many different ways, it’s a constant battle, a constant missing. It’s physical effects take a toll and recently I’ve been struggling with anxiety, but it’s a different kind of anxiety I’ve experienced in the past. My birthday was hard without my grandma but my family made it very special for me. I also wish I could share my excitement with grandma about my vintage shop and I wish she could come and see me at my first vintage fair, I know she would be so happy. I wish I could see her face when she sees my stall for first time. Everything I do I think of her.
danimeowmarie: 💜🎀up for sale on my vintage shop on my Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/TheOldDeer Please visit and like :)
danimeowmarie: ❤️🌸Having a lovely day so far, and this morning I had a special sign from my grandma, the yellow butterfly visited me. I haven’t opened all my pressies yet but I have opened the ones from my parents and my brother and I’ve really been spoilt :) mum and dad got me a beautiful mannequin, it’s so perfect! And they also got me a bag of goodies. And my brother got me my favourite Yankee candles and a whole new outfit, including the beautiful white top I’m wearing in the pictures. I’m truely blessed. I just wish my grandma was here, but I know she’s shining her love down on me today. ❤️🌸
danimeowmarie: Goodnight :) I’m snuggled in bed with a glass of wine watching the hours ready to get sims beauty sleep for my birthday tomorrow…although I’m not looking forward to it too much since it’s my first birthday without my grandma and it just won’t be the same without her :( but I will enjoy spending time with my family and know grandma will be with us in spirit.
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